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Q: Why did they name coach coach?
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What is the name given to the assistant of the coach in Judo?

The name is still coach or maybe assistant coach.

What is the first name of the Coach Lombard?

Coach Lombardi's first name was Vince. Coach Lombard dd not not exist.

What is the name of the french coach for arsenal?

The name of the French coach is arsene Wenger.

What is coach name on left for dead 2?

Coach's name has never been revealed in-game, and probably never will be.

Who is gautam gambhir coach?

coach name is sanjay bhardwaj

What is the cochs name for glee?

coach sue slyester and coach Bieste

Who was Essendon's coach before Kevin Sheedy?

The coach's name was Barry Davis.

In the book twilight what is the name of Bella Swan's gym coach?

Coach Clapp

Is it coaches or coach's when referring to more than one coach?

If there is one coach, the phrase is "the coach's name is...." If there are multiple coaches, the phrase is "the coaches' names are..."

Who is the coach of the US world cup team?

The name of the U.s.a coach is Bob Bradley.

What is the name of chicago's blackhawk's head coach?

The current head coach is Joel Quenneville.

What is the name of the former coach of Barcelona?

Johan Cruiff is one famous coach of Barcelona.