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It was probably because of the loaded bases. Baseball is the only important sport with bases loaded and running to and away from the bases. Also, the ball is called the baseball.

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Q: Why did they call baseball baseball?
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What did the British call baseball?

We call baseball rounders.

What do you call a baseball referee?

You call a baseball referee an Umpire

Where is the baseball played?

Baseball is played on a baseball diamond or as more people call it a baseball field.

What do you call a no score in baseball?

A Shutout

If the baseball hits the plate what is the call?

an out

What do you call to throw in a baseball?

To move

What do you call the person that plays 3rd base in baseball?

You call them the thirdbaseman

What do you call the guy who hits the ball with the baseball bat in baseball?

The hitter...

Why did the inventor of baseball call it baseball?

because there are four bases and a ball

What do you call the players in a baseball team?

Ball Players . . .

What do you call a frozen baseball it a joke?

A frozen baseball is a brozen. This is a combination of the words baseball and frozen. A frozen baseball.

What was the worst umpire call in baseball?

The worst call in Baseball history is either the Jerry Meals blown call or the Jim Joyce blown call. You can check out the blown calls by visiting the related links below.

What do they call people who love baseball?


Can an umpire call a game in baseball?


What do you call a group of baseball players?

A Team.

What do you call the top of the baseball hat?

The button!

Why do they call a baseball a baseball?

Because when you hit the ball, you run around the bases.

What do you call the place where the baseball game?

Baseball is played in an arena - called a diamond.

Why do call baseball baseball?

Its a ball game and you step on a base so that's how it got its name 'baseball'

What do you call the person that umpires a baseball game?

An umpire.

What do you call the persen who throws a ball in baseball?

The pitcher.

What do you call the cap that baseball players wear?


What do you call the front part of a baseball cap?

The bill.

What do you call in the court of soft ball?

Baseball diamond

What do baseball managers' challenge?

Any call they disagree with.