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Undertaker accidently killed his parents and serverly burned Kane because he was playing with an Latern. When he sat it down he accidently knocked over causing a fatal fire.

Actually, the Undertaker didn't kill his parents.

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Q: Why did the undertaker kill his parents?
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Why Undertaker want to kill his parents?

he didnt want tew kill his parents Kane killed them n the fire.... He didn't kill his parents.

Did undertaker kill his parents?

yes he did undertaker admitted he kill them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No he didn't....his parents died by a house fire.

Did the undertaker kill his parents?

No it was his half brother Kane who burned the funeral when they were in it

Did undertaker set the fire that killed his parents?

No He Didnt Even Kill His Parents. They Said That To Intimidate His Opponents.

Did edge kill undertaker?

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Did the undertaker really kill his family?


Did Undertaker really kill his family?

Undertaker is living happily with his family. He did not kill anybody

Did undertaker an Kane's parents die in a fire?

yes the did. BUT... undertaker did not kill them. it was Kane. He was playing with flamable matches and his parents were in the fire and Kane was burnt on his face. Undertaker was doing his daily chores. i watched 97 episode on Raw Is War. But if you look up the beginning of the ministry of darkness Undertaker admits that he set the fire that burned Kane on his face

How did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

Undertaker isn't dead

Who will try to kill undertaker?

rey mysterio tryed to kill undertaker because it was a qualifing match so mysterio injured the undertaker to win the match.

Did Kane kill undertaker?

Yes, Kane actually killed the Undertaker!

Did shawnmichaels kill undertaker?

No he didn't....Shawn Michaels has respect for The Undertaker.

Did undertaker kill his dad?

no he did not kill hiss dad.

How did Randy Orton kill the undertaker?

He didn't kill him

In the story line with undertaker's parent's died in the fire in reality did undertaker's parents died in a fire?

No in real life Mark's (the undertaker) parents are alive and doing well.

Did undertaker kill boogeyman?


Who kill undertaker?


Did the undertaker really kill the big bossman?

No, the undertaker did not kill the bigbossman. Big boss man died of cardiac arrest

Did rey mysterio kill the undertaker?

1 The Undertaker is not dead,he is paralyzed,and second no one knows who did it to the Phenom(The Undertaker).

Did undertaker kill his mom and dad?

no i thank undertaker did not kil his mom and dad

Why did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

orton didnt kill the undertaker im very p****d about it i agree with Kane there will be vengeance

Has anyone ever seen Kane or Undertaker's parents im mean really if you have for answer put the info about how to get there?

No to Kane and the Undertaker's parents are dead

Who is The Undertaker's parents?

nobody really knows cause undertaker killed his parents thats what most people say

Did mark Henry kill the undertaker?


Did undertaker kill his daughter?

No, he didn't.

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