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the EPA put too strict a rules on the steel mills and they couldn't afford to modernize the mills so they went out of business all across this country.

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Q: Why did the steel industry end in Pittsburgh?
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What industry are the Pittsburgh Steelers named after?

The steel industry.

What is Pittsburgh major industry?


Iron And Steel Industry in Pittsburgh?

the iron and stell industry in pittsburgh is very good as i am from pittsburgh and i love the industry there u should also go dere i will get tickets for u 2 and we will visit iron and steel industry dere

Where did the steel industry begin?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Where was the first steel industry located?


About Iron And Steel Industry in Pittsburgh?

in the usa

Why is Birmingham called the Pittsburgh of the south?

Birmingham is called Pittsburgh of the South because of its rich history it has with the steel and iron industry. Pittsburgh is know for being Steel city but Birmingham has a large steel industry aswell. That's why Birmingham is called Pittsburgh of the south.

Why did Andrew Carnegie start his steel mill in Pittsburgh?

He found a steel industry in the US and set it up in pittsburgh

In what city is the US steel industry located?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What is Pittsburgh's main industry?

It used to be steel mills but now I really don't think there is just one main business in Pittsburgh anymore.

Why do you think Pittsburgh became a center of steel industry?

Because they have steel statues in their town square and they make the most steel in the USA.

How did the Pittsburgh Steelers get their name steelers?

Because they represent the steel mills in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is famous for its steel mills. When the Steelers entered the NFL in 1933 they were known as the Pirates. A contest was held by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1940 to rename the team and Steelers was chosen. This may have had a lot to do with the large steel industry located in Pittsburgh and its surrounding area. Yes, the choice of the Steelers name is related to the steel industry. In fact the Steelers logo is actually the Steel Logo created in 1959 to help identify products made of steel. The three star like shapes represent the raw materials used to make steel. Those materials include iron ore, coal, and limestone. See Web Links for an image of the "Steel Trademark" See Web Links for more information on Pittsburgh and the steel industry