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Q: Why did the spirit hold his torch over people's heads?
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Why did the spirit hold his torch over people's head for scrooge?

He was spreading good cheer for the horn of plenty

Is it amazing to hold an Olympic torch?

Yes, it is amazing to hold the Olympic torch because you are not just holding a torch you are holding a torch that has been in the Olympics for 112 years

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she holds the book she holds the book

What does miss liberty hold in her left?

She hold the torch in her right hand

Why do statues in France hold their heads?

Statues in France do not generally hold their heads.

What does the statue of libirty hold in his hand?

torch :]

What does Miss Liberty hold in her right hand?

A torch .

What you hold in your hand to see in the dark?

Flashlight or a torch

What does miss librety hold in her right hand?

a torch

What do they have to when they are running the Olympic torch relay?

they hold a baton and runn

In which hand dose miss liberty hold her torch?

her foot

Why does miss liberty hold here right hand?

A torch