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Q: Why did the soccer player give Paul a hard time during lunch?
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Is paul bennett a latin singer?

Nope, there are quite a few Paul Bennetts actually. 1. A author/typographer. 2. Canadian football player. 3. English soccer player. 4. English soccer player. (Yes, there are 2.)

How is Paul Ince related to Nigel Benn?

Paul Ince and Nigel Benn are cousins. Paul Ince is an English soccer player, while Nigel Benn is a middleweight boxer from London.

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When was Paul Wright - soccer - born?

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What has the author Paul Duling written?

Paul Duling has written: 'Lunch hour girls! lunch hour men! and other poems'

In the book Tangerine who does Paul jump on top of?

In the book "Tangerine," Paul jumps on top of Erik Fisher during a confrontation between their soccer teams.

When did Paul Kitson - American soccer - die?

Paul Kitson - American soccer - died on 2005-08-25.

When was Paul Kitson - American soccer - born?

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