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London was chosen against Paris to host the 2012 Olympics on Wednesday 6th July 2005.

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Q: Why did the olympics take placed in london?
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How long are the London Olympics on for?

The London olympics take 19 days and the paralympics take 2 weeks

Who was the first athelete in Singapore to take part in the Olympics?

Lloyd Valberg who placed 14th in men's high jump at the 1948 Games in London.

When are the 2012 London Olympics?

The 2012 London Olympics will take place from July 27 until August 12.

When will the London Olympics take place?


Where will the Olympics be held 2012?

The 2012 Olympics will take place in London, England.London, UK

What places did the Olympics take place in?

london, england

Where did the Summer Olympics in 2012 take place?


Where will the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics take place?


Where are the next Olympics take place?

London 2012

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What dates will the 2012 Olympics take place?

It will take place in London

Where will the Olympics in 2012 take place?

India xx