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They never gave a specific reason. Maybe they just wanted him out of the way, the way they did John Cena.

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Q: Why did the nexus attack the undertaker at bragging rights 2010 WWE?
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Was undertaker buried by Kane?

yes at bragging rights 2010, the nexus helped Kane bury the undertaker into the ground.

Why did the nexus attack undertaker?

they are enimes

Who is the winner in the match of the Undertaker and Kane in Bragging Rights?

Kane won, after the nexus came in and attacked the undertaker while he was about too shovel dirt on too Kane.. giving Kane time 2 climb out and roll undertaker in.

Will john cena have a rematch with nexus leader at bragging rights?


What is the current sad news in WWE?

The current bad news is that the Undertaker is out of commission after his buried alive match against his brother Kane at Bragging Rights a match that the Nexus interfered in when they attacked Undertaker to help Kane bury his brother to win the match

Why was the undertaker buried?

Because at Bragging Rights 2010, he lost a Buried Alive match to Kane, and it was actually Nexus that Buried him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was reported a few weeks before Bragging Rights that The Undertaker was suffering from an injured shoulder, when the injury first happened a few months ago and it became apparent that The Undertaker had torn his rotator cuff in the shoulder, WWE planned for the Undertaker to lose a Buried Alive match against Kane at Survivor Series and then rest up his shoulder after the event When the pain got worse, the call was made to have the Buried Alive match take place at Bragging Rights and get the surgery over with. It has been reported that The Undertaker may not be back in the ring until 2011. By Atit Anish Patel

Did team WWE deserve to win at summer slam?

no because nexus was going to take over but I think smackdown has a great plan to beat nexus at "bragging rights"

Will undertaker take out the nexus?

Nexus is a team that wrestles in WWE Raw and Undertaker in WWE smackdown. So they will probably not cross roads and exchange blows. But the ex leader of Nexus, Wade Barret has formed a new team called "The Core" and has begun the usual gang up attack on WWE wrestlers in smackdown. So if they happen to mess with the undertaker, then they will start a fight which the undertaker will probably win.

Did nexus help Kane bury undertaker?


Did nxt rookies hurt undertaker?

No, the NXT Rookies, (aka. Nexus) did not hurt The Undertaker.

What group was involved in the rivialy between undertaker and Kane?

The Nexus

Was it Kane who buried the Undertaker alive?

After the match Undertaker won ,but the Nexus came and pushed him in the grave . They buried him

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