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The reason UCLA is so bad this year is because they have lost several underclassmen to the NBA in recent history. Kevin Love would have been a junior, Russell Westbrook would have been a senior, Jrue Holiday would have been a sophomore. As a result, they were forced to play with less talented players who were not ready such as Malcolm Lee, Reeves Nelson, Tyler Honeycutt and Jerime Anderson. Plus, one of their better players Drew Gordon was injured most of the season. These young players, however, have potential and will be better in the future. UCLA has also signed a quality 2010 recruiting class with players such as 5 star center Josh Smith and 4 star shooting guard Tyler Lamb with the potential to sign other 5 and 4 star players. If you take all of this into account, it is clear that UCLA will be considerably better in the next few years as long as they don't lose any of their underclassmen to the NBA of course.

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There're not.

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They Win because they cheat.

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Q: Why did the lakers did not win the playoffs?
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