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Q: Why did the buccaneers move to tortuga?
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Where does Tortuga's come from?

Tortuga is the Spanish word for turtle.

What tortuga's means?

Tortuga is Spanish for Turtle or tortoise

What is a tortuga?

Well actually tortuga is a turtle in Spanish but there is an island named Tortuga because of its shape as a turtle.

When was Pirates of Tortuga created?

Pirates of Tortuga was created in 1961.

When was The Adventurer of Tortuga created?

The Adventurer of Tortuga was created on 1965-08-13.

What cool moves does tortuga learn?

The only move he learns above the power of 100 is Hydro Pump, he learns it at lvl 51

On pirates online were do you find jack affter finding barbossa at Tortuga?

in the faithful bride on tortuga

Where in the US can you purchase Tortuga mango rum?

Where in the US CAN I find tortuga mango rum?

What type of animals are found in Tortuga?

The most common sea animal found in Tortuga, Haiti is the seaturtle

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