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Because he was not Wrestling in WWE and went to Hollywood instead The Rock did not turn heel.

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Q: Why did the Rock turn heel in 2003?
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When did Goldberg turn heel?

March 31, 2003 when he attacked the Rock

When did the Undertaker turn heel?

2002-2003, then turned face and has been face ever since

Who won wreselmmania 28 rock or Cena?

Obviously The Rock, The people's champion will beat Cena via rock bottom or people elbow and cena will turn heel...

When did the Undertaker turn face?

May 2000, then turned heel in February 2002 Novemeber 2003 and has been face ever since

Did john cena win a WrestleMania with the rock?

They haven't fought yet but rumours say that John Cena will turn heel and defeat The Rock at Wrestlemania 28.

Why did Jeff Hardy turn heel?

TNA management decided to turn him heel.

Will john cena turn heel again?

He will prob not turn fully heel. He will get the ordinary lets go cena,cena sucks chants but he will not turn fully heel and not turn on the wwe universe

Will John Cena turn heel?

It is unknown whether John Cena will turn heel or not.

How do WWE superstars turn to heel or face?

They turn face or heel by having a story line.

Will rey mysterio ever turn heel?

It is not known if Rey Mysterio will ever turn heel. Many people have thought he has came close to turning heel.

Will Jeff hardy turn into a heel?

no he will not jeff loves the fans and there's no prove that he will turn heel again

Is LAX a heel tag team?

no but they might turn heel if it is in there contract.

Is Nikki Bella turning heel?

I do have a feeling she is going to turn heel.

Will Randy Orton turn heel?

Apparently he is going to turn heel in his current storyline with christian over the world title.

Is eve Torres turning heel anytime soon?

I'm not sure if she's turning heel yet. But maybe she will turn on Kelly Kelly and attack her and be on the bad side. It will be cool if Kelly Kelly turn heel too but the writers half to make that happen. So writers turn them heel please.

What is a heel turn?

A heel turn is when a wrestler, whether it be a man or woman, turns into a "bad guy". They are considered the villain character of wrestling.

Will rey mysterio turn heel?

It's a possibility he could turn heel, but I still feel if he turns heel he'll still get cheered cause he's an underdog. It'll be kinda like when The Rock turned heel, he still got cheered regardless same thing with Stone Cold when he turned heel he still got cheered regardless....Rey Mysterio was heel back in WcW when he was with a group called the Filthy Animals but fans still cheered him cause c'mon now he's Rey Mysterio one of the best wrestlers out there heel or face he's still gonna get cheered cause he's paid his dues and u gotta respect it.

When did Shane McMahon turn heel?

1999. When he formed the Corporate Ministry February 2000 at No Way Out when he betrayed the Rock, then turned face two months later

Why the undertaker turn heel?

He didn't. He hasn't been a heel in at least 8 years.

What is a heel snap turn in gymnastics?

A heel snap turn is when you lift your foot slightly of the ground and tap it on your ankle leave it there while you do a turn (on 1 foot) then put it back down.

Did Big Show turn heel?

Big Show turned heel at Unforgiven show has been a heel for a while know

Did Jeff Hardy turn Heel?


Did Kane turn heel?


Will kelly kelly turn heel?


Did shad turn heel?