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Because he is good

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Q: Why did the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick play for the first time in 33 months?
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WHY DID Michael Vick switch teams?

Michael Vick was let go from the NFL after he plead guilty to financing a dog fight ring and being sentenced to 23 months in federal prison. His former team the Atlanta Falcons released him. After serving out his sentence he was reinstated into the national football league by Commissioner Roger S. Goodell and was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles who has since given him a 6 year contract worth 100 million dollars and job as the starting quarterback.

What did Michael Vick actually go to prison for?

Michael Vick committed the crime of dog fighting a while ago and was just recently released and was signed by the eagles as the temporary quarterback. He did good his first season so most likely he will be name the permanet quarterback

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