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Favre had announced his retirement during the offseason, so the Packers drafted two new quarterbacks in the draft to back up Aaron Rodgers. When Favre changed his mind and wanted to come back, there was essentially no spot for him on the roster. When he forced the issue, the Packers traded his rights to the vikings. and from ther farve has been with with the viking since but this his his last yea rwith them

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Q: Why did the Packers refuse to take Brett Favre back?
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Is Brett Favre coming back to the Green Bay Packers?

No he went to the Jets and now the Vikings

Who was greenbay quarter back before Brett Favre?

Brett Favre replaced Don "Magic Man" Majkowski during the 1992-3 season

Has Matt Hasselbeck won a Super Bowl?

Yeah, with Green Bay Packers as Brett Favre's back up.

Who was the quarter back for green bay in 1998?

The quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 1998 was Brett Lorenzo Favre.

Is Brett Favre retiring?

No he is not going to retire. he is hella good

Who is the toughest quarter back in the NFL?

Brett favre

What team was Brett Favre on when he completed his first pass?

Green Bay PackersBrett Favre won Super Bowl 31 with the Packers.

When did Brett Favre go to the Vikings?

cuz he wanted to get back at the freakin packers!! (couldn't do that with the Jets now could he!)

Was Brett Favre on a winning super bowl team?

Yes he was. The 1996 Packers. Considered to be one of the best Superbowl teams to date. The year after (1997) they made it back to the superbowl but lost it.

Who was the Green Bay Packers quarterback in 1991?

Green Bay Started Don Majkowski who was injured and replace by Mike Tomczak. Majkowski came back to be the starter.

Green bay packers won the New York steelers in the AFL playoffs game the quarter back got his money packers are Brett favre he has played most of the super dynamo in green bay which team did have fun.?

the Atlanta Falcons he was drafted 33rd overall

Who was green bay quarter back in Super Bowl 31?

Brett favre