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the Oakland Raiders wore white at home for the first time ever this year.

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Q: Why did the Oakland raiders wear white at home games?
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What state do the Oakland Raiders play in?

The Oakland Raiders play their home games in Oakland, California.

What was the name of the Oakland Raiders first stadium?

The Oakland Raiders first played their home games at Kezar Stadium in 1960. They finished the last 3 home games of that season at Candlestick Park.

Home field side for Oakland Raiders?

The home field for the Oakland Raiders football team is Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The field is located at 7000 Coliseum Way in Oakland.

Where is the Oakland Raiders football field?

The Oakland Raiders football field is known as "the Coliseum" and is located in Oakland, California. The field is home to the football games, as well as soccer and baseball games. Oakland is near the coast of California, just north of San Francisco. The famous University of California Berkley is also very close to Oakland.

What is the current home ground of the Oakland Raiders? Coliseum

What football teams play home games in cities south of forty degrees north latitude Seattle Seahawks Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins Denver Broncos?


When was the last time the Oakland Raiders were shutout?

The Oakland Raiders were last shutout on October 23, 2011. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs at home, 28-0.

Why do the Oakland Raiders play home games on a baseball field?

The Oakland Raiders play their home games at the Oakland Coliseum which is also home to the Oakland Athletics major league baseball team. The Coliseum is not a baseball field, it's a multiuse stadium, which is used for both football and baseball when these seasons overlap (September to early October, unless of course, the A's make the playoffs). Once the baseball season is over they will fill in the dirt basepaths with sod and it will look more like a football field then.

What time do the Raiders play today?

The Oakland Raiders play at home against Miami Dolphins at 1:05 PM PST.

Did the Oakland Raiders play 3 road games and then win the Super Bowl?

No, they did not. The 1980 Oakland Raiders came the closest. The Raiders defeated the Houston Oilers 27-7 at home in the Wild card game. Then the Raiders won on the road in Cleveland 14-12 and San Diego 34-27. They won Super Bowl XV by defeating the Eagles 27-10.

Where is the Oracle Arena located?

The Oracle Arena is an indoor arena located in Oakland sports complex in Oakland California. They are home to the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics and Golden State Warriors.

Do the Oakland Raiders play on a baseball field?

Yes. They play at McAffee Colliseum. The home stadium of Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Oakland Raiders in 2009?

Yes. The Steelers played the Raiders at home on Sunday, December 6 in the 2009 season. The Raiders won the game 27-24.

What is the raiders record against the cowboys in Dallas?

The Cowboys and the Raiders have played four games in Dallas -- three at Texas Stadium and one at Cowboys Stadium. The Raiders are 3-and-1 in games in which Dallas was the home team. Here are the results: + Oct. 23, 1983 -- Los Angeles Raiders 40, Dallas 38 (Texas Stadium). + Nov. 9, 1986 -- Los Angeles Raiders 17, Dallas 13 (Texas Stadium). + Sept. 27, 1998 -- Oakland Raiders 13, Dallas 12 (Texas Stadium). + Nov. 26, 2009 -- Dallas 24, Oakland Raiders 7 (Cowboys Stadium The Raiders lead the overall series 6-4.

Do the Oakland Athletics play there home games in a foreign country?

No, they play in Oakland, Caliornia.

Do the Oakland Athletics baseball team play its home games outside of the US?

No. They play in Oakland.

Did the Oakland Athletics play its home games in a foreign country?


When did the Pittsburgh Steelers last lose a home opener?

As of the 2011 season, it was September 15, 2002 when they lost to the Oakland Raiders, 30-17.

What is California's football home team?

California has 3 NFL teamsthe San Francisco 49ersthe San Diego Chargersthe Oakland Raiders

Why did the Los Angeles raiders change to the Oakland Raiders?

Originally, the Al Davis moved the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 for a much larger venue for the team. The team was so popular in Oakland during the 70's and the Oakland Coliseum held at about 46000 to 49000 at the time and was at capacity most of the time. The Raiders moved to Los Angeles on the promise of a much larger state of the art stadium and for a larger market for the team. They played 13 seasons in the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles that held 92000. The stadium was typically half vacant during home games even during their 1983 Super Bowl run. I remember in 1990 when they were in AFC Divisional playoffs at home versus Cincinnati and by Friday night before the game they still had 9000 tickets available for a PLAYOFF GAME!!! Bo Jackson bought the remaining tickets himself told people to come to the game. Starting in the late 80's, they were doing preseason games in Oakland to see how the loyality was Oakland and it was awesome as ever. There was an actual push for them to move to Sacramento. Well, in the end, they never got their new stadium in Los Angeles. The fan support was the same as it was in Oakland except you have 45000 people in a 92000 seat stadium so the crowd was hardly a factor at home games. In the June of 1995, a sudden decision was made that the Raiders were coming back home. The Oakland Coliseum got $200M in renovations in 1996 and now the stadium holds 63000 for football. If you haven't been to a game, you need to go.

What hotel do the Oakland Raiders stay at when playing at home?

The Marriott down the street from the stadium. I used to date a player and that's where we'd hang out sometime.

What football teams play home games in cities south of degrees north latitude Seattle Seahawks Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins Denver Broncos?

Without some number before the word "degrees", the question has no unique answer.

Who was the QB for the raiders 2004 Super Bowl team?

The 2004 NFL Season Super Bowl did NOT include the Raiders. However, in the 2002 Season Super Bowl, played on January 26, 2003, the Oakland Raiders quarterback was Rich Gannon and the Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 - 21 in San Diego, California's Qualcomm Stadium (almost a home game for the Raiders).

What stadium do the Oakland Athletics play their home games in?

The Oakland Athletics are an American baseball team that have been around since 1968. They have played in the same stadium since they were first introduced into the league. It is called the Oakland Coliseum.

What team plays its home games outside the US Oakland Athletics Montreal Expos Seattle Mariners?