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Even though he led them to two NBA finals, I don't think things were working out so well between Kidd and him. They fired him for problems he was causing the team.

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Q: Why did the Nets fire Byron Scott?
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What Laker player was the old coach for the New Jersey Nets?

Byron Scott

What is Byron Scott's birthday?

Byron Scott was born on March 28, 1961.

When was Byron Scott - basketball - born?

Byron Scott - basketball - was born on 1961-03-28.

When was Byron N. Scott born?

Byron N. Scott was born on March 21, 1903 in Council Grove, Kansas.

When did Byron N. Scott die?

Byron N. Scott died on December 21, 1991 at the age of 88 years old in Sun City, California.

Who is the Cleveland cavaliers coach?

Byron Scott

When was Byron Scott born?

Byron Scott (former pro basketball player & current head coach of L.A Lakers) was born on March 28, 1961 in Ogden, Utah. Byron N. Scott (American lawyer and politician) was born on March 21, 1903 in Council Grove, Kansas.

What university did Byron Scott play for?

Arizona St.

How old is Byron Scott?

Byron Scott (former pro basketball player & head coach of LA Lakers) is 56 years old (birthdate: March 28, 1961).Byron N. Scott (American lawyer and politician) died on December 21, 1991 at the age of 88 years old (birthdate: March 21, 1903).

Which rookie was traded for Norm Nixon in 1983?

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The Hornets currently have Monty Williams. Byron Scott. This (2007-08) is his third season as head coach of the Hornets. Byron Scott was fired early in the 2009-10 season, he was replaced by Jeff Bower.

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What four Lakers were selected to the All Star game in the same season?

magic, worthy, Byron Scott and kareem

What team was Byron Scott an assistant coach for?

The current Los Angeles Lakers coach was an assistant for two years with the Sacramento Kings.

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