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The then-owner Norman Green wasn't very popular with the fans, so the attendance dropped. Besides that he wasn't able to reach deals for a new arena which he wanted.

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Q: Why did the Minnesota North Stars move to Dallas?
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When did the Dallas Stars move from Minnesota?

The North Stars moved to Dallas to become the Dallas Stars in 1993

What year did the Minnesota North Stars move to Dallas?


What year did the Minnesota North Stars move from Minnesota?

They were relocated to Dallas, Texas at the end of the 1992-1993 season, and are now known as the Dallas Stars.

Why is the Minnesota hockey team called wild?

Following the move of the Minnesota North Stars to Dallas in 1993, Minnesota was without a professional hockey team until the NHL awarded an expansion team franchise to Minnesota. Because of legalities, the name North Stars couldn't be used so a contest was held for what the new hockey team would be called. The six finalists were Blue Ox (part of Paul Bunyan lore), Freeze, Northern Lights, Voyageurs (recognizing the early french explorers of the area prior to Minnesota becoming a state) , White Bears, and Wild. With the name Wild, being the top choice. The "Wild Animal" logo of the Minnesota Wild isn't meant to represent one particular animal, but all of the wild animals that are part of the Minnesota habitat. While it does look like a Bear or a Cat, the logo contains hidden components, the eye depicts the North Star which pays homage to the former Minnesota North Stars, the mouth resembles a river, the ear is the moon, and the pine trees add texture to the "wild animal."

Why did they start the Minnesota Wild?

When owner of the Minnesota North Stars, Norm Green, decided to move the franchise to Dallas, the state of Minnesota was left without an NHL team. Minnesota is probably the most hockey mad market in the USA and the NHL was determined to put a team back there as soon as new ownership could be found. A new ownership group applied and a franchise was awarded. The new team, named the Wild, started play in the 2000 season and has become one of the most successful expansion teams ever.

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