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The game of Lacrosse was first used as a war game to settle disputes between tribes

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Q: Why did the Iroquois play Lacrosse?
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Did the Iroquois play lacrosse?

yes, they invented lacrosse and still do play the sport and play it quite well

Did Iroquois girls play lacrosse?


What did the Iroquois love to play as a sport?

The Iroquois created and played Lacrosse.

What games did the Iroquois play for recreation?


What did Iroquois Indian children play with?


What sports did the Iroquois used to play?

Iroquois played lacrosse.

Did the Iroquois use a rock to play lacrosse?

NO used dead peoples heads

What did the Iroquois accomplish?

the iroquois made lacrosse

What did Iroquois kids play with?

I studied them before an the children usually play with dolls made out of corn husks, and for a sport they play lacrosse.

What are some talent the Iroquois Indians had?

hunting and fishing. also having playedamong the few to play lacrosse.

What games did the Iroquois tribe play?

They played lacrosse in the summer/spring and snow snake in the winter. they also tobogganed.

Why do only the USA and Canada play lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally a native american sport that the settlers of North America picked up and it morphed into the modern day sport. It was originally played by the Iroquois tribe and was called lacrosse by a French man who first called it the sticking French which is lacrosse.

What sports did Iroquois played?

they played lacrosse

What was the Iroquois inventions?

I know that one is lacrosse

What country was lacrosse invented in?

Lacrosse was invented by the Iroquois and Huron Native Americans in what is now Canada.

What are the Iroquois known for?

Iroquois are known for their beautiful baskets and what?lacrossehunting and farming

What toys did the Iroquois children play with?

Corn-husk dolls, stick and hoop, and marbles,jacks and much more. The children played lacrosse

What is the Iroquois hobbies?

lacrosse and other field sports.

How did the Iroquois make their lacrosse sticks?

they hand crafted it

What sports did the Iroquois play?

Some sports that the Iroquois played where snow snake.snow snake is when you take a big snake and draw a line in the snow and who ever finishes their line first wins. They also played darts when you trow a dart at a target or tree. The girls played with corn husk dolls that had no faces. Lastly the boys played lacrosse. They used a stick and a net to make a lacrosse stick. These are games the Iroquois played

The origin of lacrosse?

The Iroquois Indians of Central New York.

What are the discoveries and inventions of the Iroquois tribe?

lacrosse !! <3

What native American tribe invented lacrosse?

the Iroquois trip.

What are some Iroquois hobbies?

Games. Such as lacrosse and snowsnake :D

Who origanated lacrosse?

The Native Americans (The Iroquois)