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Yes, it was done to faciliate the US and to make the game more exciting

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Q: Why did the IOC start allowing paid professional athletes to compete in the Olympics Was it done to allow the US to try and dominate the basketball competition?
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What was the reason allowing Professional athletes to participate in the Olympics?

most are prps anyway

Can you be a professional athlete to be in Olymipics?

Originally specifically for amateur athletes, the Olympics began allowing professionals to compete in 1986.

How have the Olympics changed over the years?

The Olympics has changed throughout the years by allowing professional athletes to compete. In the past, the Olympics were any for amateur athletes (those who do not receive money for competing in their sport).

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Did allowing pros in the Olympics kill the spirit of the games?


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How have the Olympics changed through the last hundred years?

The Olympics have changed through the past hundred years majorly by having added new sports to it and allowing women to participate. They have also added the Special Olympics.

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Have the sports in the Olympics ever changed since it was first played?

sure such as the allowing of woman to participate in the mid 20th century

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Do the parents pay for their own expenses when their child is in the Olympics?

Yes for most things. About the only thing the US Olympics committee will provide are two tickets to the child's specific event. If the parents cannot afford to attend and the athlete is a minor, they must sign a power of attorney allowing a representative of the Olympics committee to act as their child's guardian for the duration or the child will not be allowed to participate.