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Q: Why did the Green Bay packers have the home field advantage against the rams in the 1967 playoffs?
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What is the Green Bay Packers overall record against the Minnesota Vikings?

The Packers lead the series 51-48-1, including playoffs.

Are Eagles in playoffs?

yes faceing the green bay packers..

Has green bay ever beaten dallas?

Yes. And the Dallas Cowboys have won their share of games against the Green Bay Packers. Through the 2016 regular season and the playoffs, the Packers lead the series 18 to 17.

Were the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers both out of the 2009 playoffs?

No, now the Steelers have a VERY slight chance. The Packers however, have a pretty good chance of keeping the wild card spot because they have the advantage over Dallas, and and the next two games can be considered a given as the Seahawks are <.500 and the Cards will most likely rest the starters as they have clinched their division title. In 2009, the Green Bay Packers made the playoffs and lost in the Wild Card game to the Arizona Cardinals. The Steelers did not make the playoffs.

Who is in the NFL playoffs of 2011?

the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers

Does Green Bay packers have homefield advantage on the next two games?


Were the 49ers in the 1997 playoffs?

Yes. They won the NFC West at 13-3 and had homefield advantage. They defeated the Minnesota Vikings 38-22 but lost for the fourth straight time to the Green Bay Packers 23-10.

Have the Green Bay Packers played the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs?

No they're not in the same division.The NFL Playoffs consists of three rounds (Wild Card, Division and Conference). The Packers did beat the Steelers once in the postseason (Super Bowl XLV).

Will the Green Bay Packers lose in 2011?

The packers had an amazing regular season in 2011 going 15-1. Unfortunatly they did not do as well in the playoffs and lost in the divisional round.

How many Super Bowl wins does the green bay packers?

As of the 2nd game of the 2009-10 season the Packers have won 671 games (including playoffs)

What seed was the 2010 Green Bay Packers?

They were the wild card team in the playoffs. They finished the reuglar season 6th seed.

What was the score in Super Bowl XXXI against the Green Bay Packers?

35 - 21 go packers