Why did taeguk replace palgwe?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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More accurate spelling via modern Romanization: Taegeuk / Palgwae

When the Palgwae were created to design a set of poomsae that were more compatible with the nature of Taekwondo, not all of the prominent Korean Grandmasters in each of the Kwans were consulted. Therefore, many of those Grandmasters rejected the Palgwae as the official forms.

Subsequently, a new panel was formed, and they created the Taegeuk Poomsae based on the same three-lined trigrams, but with different techniques, and directions. While some people don't see any improvement, one philosophy of Taekwondo hyeong is to keep it as simple as possible in order for the color belt student to learn quicker, retain longer, and perform the various techniques contained within when confronted in a real-life self defense.

No form is an exact duplicate of a real fight, but the information that is stored in the brain through repeated practice is compartmentalized, and able to be retrieved in whatever order and combination needed for the situation. The Taegeuk poomsae were designed to accomplish this in a way that suits the Taekwondo practitioner better, and provide a standard that can be applied within all Taekwondo dojang world wide.

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Q: Why did taeguk replace palgwe?
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