Why did sports relief start?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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So they could raise money

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you tell me?

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Q: Why did sports relief start?
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What was the first name of sports relief?

sports relief.

When is sports relief 2014?

Sports relief is from March 21st - 23rd.

When does comic relief start again?

In 2 years time because next year it is sports relief and then comic relief is the year after that they change between to the2 each year. hope this helps!;)

Is sports relief in march?

yes. this years sports relief is from 19th-21st March 2010.

When is sports relief?

Sports Relief is a charity run by the BBC, money is donated which goes towards children in africa and the UK

What sports can you do in sport relief 2012?

all of them

Can you have 4 facts about Sports Relief?


What does sports relief do to help?

raise money

Where does sports relief work?

They worked in the columbus.

Why is sports relief a good idea?

Because you get a natural high from playing sports.

Was it sports relief day today 2012?

Sport Relief Day 2012 was March 23rd.

Who kyacked the Amazon for sports relief?

Helen Skelton