Why did ronaldo turn fat?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: Why did ronaldo turn fat?
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Who was better Ronaldinho or fat Ronaldo?


What percent fat is Cristiano Ronaldo?


Who is better at football Brazilian Ronaldo or portages Ronaldo?

Brazilian Ronaldo is better because he is fat and still kicks ass at soccer.

Is ronaldo Brazilian?

No Christiano Ronaldo is not a Brazilian but is from portugal.

Is ronaldo to fat to play fotball?

Yes Man.

What is the volume of ronaldo?

he is so fat, it doesn't matter

Will Ronaldo play for Brazil in 2010 world cup?

No he is too fat.

Can you make fat ronaldo for fifa 09 for ps2?

yes you can any clat knows this

Will distilled water change fat into muscle?

No, fat cannot turn into muscle and muscle cannot turn into fat.

Who are famous Brazilian sports players?

Pele Ronaldinho Ronaldo (the fat one) Rivaldo Kaka

What rate does muscle turn to fat without exercise?

Muscle does not turn to fat.

Does fat turn to muscles?

Some of the same activity that burns fat also develops muscles, but no, fat does not turn into muscle.