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Q: Why did ronaldo trow a chair at his teacher?
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How can you say teacher chair in french?

the teacher chair is called 'la chaise du professeur' in French.

Why can't I hit my teacher with a chair?

if this is a case of the teacher dodging your attacks then i recommend the throwing the chair to the teacher then spin kicking it into their face, in typical RVD style.

What makes your teacher jump?

The tack on her chair.

What is the present tense of trow?

I/you/we/they trow. He/she/it trows.

How do you make your teacher angry?

you can mess up her chair

How tall is Craig Trow?

Craig Trow is 6'.

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer?

my Arabic teacher told him loads of banging

When was Llandoger Trow created?

Llandoger Trow was created in 1664.

When did Bob Trow die?

Bob Trow died in 1998.

When was Bob Trow born?

Bob Trow was born in 1926.

How to you talk to a teacher?

During class time you get up from your chair. You walk up to the teacher and get her/his attention by calling out, "hey miss/mrs. or hello mr." You then come forward and you speak to the teacher. He will speak back to you and you will go back to your chair.

At the beginning of the movie what does Dash put on his teacher's chair?

a tack