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Because mama called, and when mama calls, you have to come running.

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To coach at his alma mater.

Oh, and more visibility, money, and fame come to mind.

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Mama called

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Q: Why did paul bear Bryant say he left Texas am to coach Alabama?
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Who was the most successful coach at University of Alabama?

paul "bear" Bryant

Who is Alabama's coach?

The legendary Bear Bryant.

What former Alabama coach was also a member of the Bear Bryant Junction Boys team at Texas AM?

That was Gene Stallings who was Alabama's head coach between 1990-1996 and head coach of the 1992 national championship team.

Which college football coach has most titles?

Bear Bryant, Alabama

How many years was bear Bryant the head coach at Alabama?

Bear Bryant spent 25 years as head coach of Alabama (1958-1982).

Where can I find University of Alabama 1959 trivia?

1959 is the year Paul (Bear) Bryant returned the university he had played for and graduated from. Coach Bryant was at Texas A & M when Alabama called, his quote about why he left A & M was "Mama called"

Who is the hall of fame coach in Forrest gump?

The revered Alabama football coach is "Bear" Paul Bryant.

Did Bum Phillips coach with bear Bryant?

Yes ... Bum was a defensive coach for Bear on the 1957 Texas A&M team.

What is the value of of the book BEAR the Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama's Coach Bryant 1974 autographed by Coach Bryant to Dr Frank A Rose former president of University of Alabama?


Did Bear Bryant ever beat the University of Alabama as a coach for another school?

No. Prior to taking over at the University of Alabama, Bear Bryant was the head coach of the University of Maryland (1945), University of Kentucky (1946-1953), and Texas A&M (1954-1957). Bryant coached teams against Alabama twice, both as head coach of Kentucky. On October 19, 1946 Kentucky lost 21-7 and on November 1, 1947 Kentucky lost 13-0.

How many teams did coach bear Bryant coach?

Ray Perkins (1983-1986), Bill Curry (1987-1989), Gene Stallings (1990-1996), Mike DuBose (1997-2000), Dennis Franchione (2001-2002).

How many different teams did Bear Bryant lose to at Bryant Denny Stadium during his career at Alabama?

According to Wikianswers own site, the answer is: "Bear Bryant accumulated a 72-2 record while head coach of Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium."