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He started playing tennis 'cause he liked tennis.

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Q: Why did nadal start playing tennis?
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What age did Rafael Nadal start playing tennis?

he started playing when he was 3 with his uncle toni nadal's help

When is Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer playing?

playing tennis on a water court.

Is Rafael Nadal playing tennis in commonwealth games 2010?


Why does Rafael Nadal pick his undies?

He is probably sweaty and uncomfortable after playing tennis.

When was Rafa Nadal Tennis created?

Rafa Nadal Tennis was created in 2007.

When did Rafa Nadal Tennis happen?

Rafa Nadal Tennis happened in 2007.

At what age did Rafael Nadal begin playing tennis?

He began playing tennis at the age of 3 with his uncle Toni Nadal, a former tennis player. At age 8, Nadal won an under12 regional tennis championship. He also won the Spanish and European tennis titles in his age group.At 15, he won his first ATP match, and became the 9th player in the Open Era before the age of 16.

What is the salary for Rafael Nadal?

As of July 28, 2008 Rafael Nadal has earned $5,908,074 playing tennis in the 2008 season. In 2007, Nadal earned $5,646,935 for the entire season.

Is Rafael nadal left handed?

No. Rafael nadal is not a left handed person. He is right handed. He wrote using right hand. Brushing teeth by right hand. He do all things with his right hand except for playing tennis. Nadal only use his left hand when playing tennis.

What nationality is nadal tennis star?

Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera is a Spanish professional tennis player.

Who has helped Raphael Nadal the most in his tennis career?

Toni Nadal

Which Tennis player was nicknamed as the 'Tennis Beast'?

Rafael Nadal

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