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MJ's Retirement

Michael Jordan retired in 1993 shortly after his father was murdered by some teens. It meant a lot to him for his father to have seen his last game. He then played Baseball for the Birmingham Barons, where he wore number 45. He returned to the NBA in March 1995. He used his baseball number 45 at first, but during the playoffs he switched back to his number 23. Jordan Retired again in 1999. Jordan returned with the Washington Wizards just over a year later, and then retired for the (presumably) final time in 2003.

Conspiracy Theory

There are some who believe that Jordan's initial retirement was an under-the-counter one-year suspension by NBA Commissioner David Stern because of the well-publicized gambling Jordan was taking part in, and the suspicion that the murder of Jordan's father may have been gambling-related. See the attached link.

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he's old

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Q: Why did michael jordan retired?
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