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Richard wore the number 9 because of his first child, Huguette. 9 pounds was the birth weight.

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Q: Why did maurice Richard choose the hockey number 9?
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What number did maurice Richard wear?

Proud number 9, it was 15 before but he changed it.

How did Maurice Richard become jersey number nine?

He wore number nine in honour of the weight of his first child, a daughter.

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The Canadian five dollar bill has kids playing a pick up game of hockey on a frozen pond, on the back of the bill. The only kid wearing a numbered sweater has number 9 on his back, which was the number of "Mister Hockey" Gordie Howe, who was Wayne Gretzky's idol, when Wayne was a kid. Hockey is "The Canadian Sport" and we pay tribute to our most famous player on our money. ??? #9 maurice Richard i believe wore it as well if not first

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544 is the exact number of how many goals he got while he was is the NHL.

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