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Q: Why did manuel neur start football?
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What are the names of the footballers who play for Germany?

Manuel Neur Phillip Lahm Boeteng Hummels Ozil Kherdira Swintiger Reus Gomez Podolski Berners

Who is the best goalley of the world?

Either Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon, Edwin Van Der Sar, Oliver Kahn, Manuel Neur or Maarten Stekelenburg

Is Tim Wiese is the goalkeeper for German Team?

tim wise is the second or third goalkeeper for the german national team after manuel neur and ron robert zieler

When was Manuel Gomez - football coach - born?

Manuel Gomes - football coach - was born on 1951-05-29.

When was Manuel Machado - football manager - born?

Manuel Machado - football manager - was born on 1955-12-04.

Who plays for the German football team?

They are Neur, Butt, Klose, Philip Lham, m. ozil, sami Khedira, Podloski, Michael Ballack are few of them.

What is the root word 'neur' when translated from Greek to English?

"Nerve" is an English equivalent of the Greek root word neur-. The root word also may be written as neuro-, with the respective forms νεῦρ and νεῦρο in Greek letters. The respective pronunciations will be "NEY-oor" and "NEY-oo-ro" in Aeginan Greek.

Does manuel neuer smoke?

Manuel Neuer is best known for being a pro football player for the country of Germany. Due to his profession, Manuel Neuer does not participate in smoke cigarettes.

Who is the goalkeeper of the arsenal football team?

Manuel Almunia, fabianski, mannone and schexzow

Who is Liverpool's number 25?

Jose Manuel Reina football name pepe reina

Who is real Madrid's manager?

Manuel Pellegrini (Former manager Villareal football club)

Who is Jose manuel Lopez?

(born 1950), Argentine football manager and former player