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Q: Why did john aldridge leave liverpool?
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Who has scored 50 goals for Liverpool?


When was John Aldridge born?

John Aldridge was born on September 18, 1958.

What is John Aldridge's birthday?

John Aldridge was born on September 18, 1958.

When did John Aldridge - artist - die?

John Aldridge - artist - died in 1983.

When was John Aldridge - artist - born?

John Aldridge - artist - was born in 1905.

When did John W. Aldridge die?

John W. Aldridge died on 2007-02-07.

When was John W. Aldridge born?

John W. Aldridge was born on 1922-09-26.

Will Rafael benitez leave Liverpool?

No he says he will not leave Liverpool.

Who did john aldridge score his first international goal against?

John Aldridge scored his first International goal for the Republic of Ireland against Tunisia at Lansdowne Road.

What is the airport called in Liverpool?

It is called Liverpool John Lennon airport.

How old is Tommy Aldridge?

Tommy Aldridge is 66 years old (birthdate: August 15, 1950).

Does Luis saurez play for Liverpool?

yes he does but he might leave liverpool