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They were never married it was for storyline only

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2012-08-14 13:16:54
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Q: Why did edge break up with vickie Guerrero?
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What month is Lita coming back to break up Edge and Vickie?

Lita is not coming back to WWE at this period. Much less to break up Edge and Vickie

Will Edge and Vickie Guerrero ever break up?

Yes as all WWE Relationships usually do. May I state they arent dating in real life and I doubt she will never move on as she still loves her husband Eddie

Where is La Familia?

On Smackdown, but they are going to break up because Edge and Vickie are not getting married.

Why did edge and lita break up PS they are both wrestlers?

because edge used vickie for power and lita is super hot

Is edge and lita dating?

No they broke up that is why edge married Vicky Guerrero

Why did edge and vicky gurrero split up?

Because vickie was scared of ghosts

Why was WWE diva kelly kelly fired from WWE?

Kelly Kelly was fired because in the match against Laycool and Dolph Ziggler she teamed up with Edge but Kelly Kelly used the illegal move spear to help Edge (made illegal by Vickie Guerrero a couple days earlier). But she was also fired because before the match Vickie called out the Diva and told her off for attacking her at the 2011 Royal Rumble during the World HeavyWeight Championship match and for costing Dolph the title because she distracted him by attacking Vickie (his girlfriend). But Vickie made the wrong decision and Kelly Kelly was right about what she said about Vickie the FAT PIG

Who is vickie gurrero married to?

her and edge broke up when triple h showed footage of him cheating and insulting her

Is Edge married to Viki Guerrero?

im not sure he was dating Vickie and they broke up i don't really no if they ever got married but i do no they are not together no. im pretty sure they where married. but if you look it up on the internet its like nobody nos because no sites comfirm anything. so im not really sure

Is Edge really in love with Vickie Gurerro?

No Edge is not really in love with Vicky that's just an act so she would help him out that's why they broke up when she quite.

Where can you see footage of edge and lita break up?

on youtube

Will edge and vickie really get married and what ever happened to crystal teddy longs fiance?

vickie winds up having an affair with big show what a laugh!! who couldn't see that one coming. i told my fiance just b4 cena said anything i bet vickie and big show have a thang going lol

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