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Q: Why did david believe it is right to hurt a few people?
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Your house is holy with Bibles etc but can ghosts hurt us?

I don't believe ghosts can hurt people.

What does a frontal wedgie hurt on a girls body?

There vjj u no what i mean right anf believe me they hurt i had a hanging frontal wedgir from my freinds it was a dare

Is it right to hurt someone?

No, we don't have 'rights' which affect other people.

Why do people hurt people that hurt people to tell them hurting people is wrong?

This behavior could be a result of misunderstanding or lack of empathy. Some people may believe that hurting those who hurt others will make them understand the impact of their actions. However, this approach can perpetuate a cycle of harm and does not address the underlying reasons for the initial hurtful behavior.

Why did some people believe a lack of competition would hurt consumers?

because your father lacked competition with your mom, i knew it hurt her so i banged her :D

What are people called who believe in nonviolence?

buttholes who think nobody should get hurt! UGH so not true

When was insurance invented?

Right now to srew people like me! who have been hurt in accident!

Where did the phrase hurt people hurt people originate form?

I dont know. maybe its just a random phrase. But think about it. hurt people hurt people. hurt people hurt other people. Get it?

Do you have to have appt for David's Bridal?

It couldn't hurt.

What is the Hebrew translation of the title song Did It Hurt by David Broza?

Did it hurt = heekh'eev (הכאיב)

What do people use animal masks for?

Some tribes believe that it brings old spirits back from their ancestors. Others believe that it will cure their body if they are hurt or ill.

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