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they had plenty of popularity and the NFL wanted other teams to enjoy the same so St Louis paid the NFL to let them play instead.

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Q: Why did dallas miss the 1975 and 1977 thanksgiving day game?
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Will Dallas or Detroit ever NOT host a Thanksgiving Day game?

no detroit and dallas will always play on thanksgiving.

When was football first played on Thanksgiving?

The Dallas Cowboys started hosting Thanksgiving Day games in 1966. The NFL has been playing Thanksgiving Day games since the twenties. Contrary to popular belief the Cowboys were started as an expansion team in 1960. The Lions have had the game since 1934 (exept the years 1939-1944), and the Cowboys have hosted a game each year since 1966(excluding 1975 and 1977 when the St. Louis Cardinals hosted the game).

How does Dallas celebrate Thanksgiving?

Dallas, at least pro football fans and the Dallas Cowboys, celebrate Thanksgiving with football. The Cowboys host a home game every Thanksgiving. And those who are not Dallas Cowboys fans, if there are any in Dallas, celebrate Thanksgiving the same as the rest of the country, by getting together with family for a big turkey dinner.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys not play during Thanksgiving day?

Since their first Thanksgiving Day appearance on November 24, 1966, the Dallas Cowboys have played on the holiday every year with the exceptions of 1975 and 1977. The St. Louis Cardinals hosted the afternoon Thanksgiving game in those years.

Does Texas celebrate Thanksgiving?

Of course! The Dallas Cowboys host a home game on Thanksgiving, so for many, part of their Thanksgiving is going to the game. Others may have family over for a big Thanksgiving meal and then watch the game on T.V.

Who sang national anthem at dallas 2011 thanksgiving game?

The Big Crush

Who will be the halftime show in the Dallas Cowboys thanksgiving game in 2009?

It was Chris Daughtry and he was awesome!

Who sang at the halftime show at the Miami Dallas football game on Thanksgiving?

Enrique Iglesias

Will Dallas and New Orleans play?

Yes. Dallas hosts New Orleans in their traditional Thanksgiving Day game this season (2010).

Dallas Cowboys thanksgiving game time 2009?

Thursday, 3:15 PM cst.

Who sang national anthem at Miami dallas football game on Thanksgiving?

Big Time Rush

Have the Dallas Cowboys always played thanksgiving day at 415pm EST?

The Cowboys have traditionally played their afternoon Thanksgiving Day game after the Detroit Lions' contest.