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her soccor team wear high heels

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Q: Why did cinderella's soccer team always lose?
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Do you have to play on a competitive soccer team to be a professional player?

I think you should 'cause in professional soccer you always lose and competative soccer can make you learn how to lose like winners.

Did the Egypt soccer team ever lose?


People ae on a soccer team?

Yes, there are almost always people on a soccer team.

Why did the Polish soccer team lose to Czech Republic?

because theyre a horrible team.

What is a funny soccer team name?

"Off constantly" If you lose, you can say that the other team beats "you"

How do you get into a soccer world cup team?

you always MUST be FIT and always IN-FORM

How many players are on a soccer field on one team?

There are always 11 players for one team unless they get sent off. But in soccer you always start with 11 players.

Is it bad when you lose a soccer tournament?

yes'' because when your team lose a tournament it will be heartbreaking knowing how hard you have worked'''

Is there a Canadian soccer team?

Since 1912 there has always been a national football team for Canada.

Can soccer coach lead a club and international team in a same time?

no,the coach will lose concentration

What is offense soccer?

The offense if soccer is the people who are always in the front. These are the people who run the most and are trying to get in the other team's goal.

What professional soccer team is voted the best?

I would say that the best soccer team in the world is Barcelona, Chelsea, or Ac milan. Barcelona because of their world class team and awesome style; Chelsea because they start off on top and dominate the game; and Ac milan because whenever they lose they always comeback to save the season.

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