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Q: Why did branch Rickey ask Jackie Robinson if he had the guts to play in major lead?
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In signing Jackie Robinson to play major league baseball Branch Rickey felt that his was just as important as his baseball skills?

character APEX :)

In signing Jackie Robinson to play major league baseball Branch Rickey felt that his was just as important as his baseball skills.?

character APEX :)

What made Jackie Robinson play major league?

First and foremost, Rickey want to WIN BALL GAMES, and felt that players of the calibre of Robinson would help him do so. He knew that Robinson would suffer EXTREME abuse while playing, and so he had to be absolutely certain that Robinson would endure the abuse.

How Branch Rickey influenced Jackie Robinson's life?

Branch Rickey was a very unique man. Also, many people in major leagues tried to make the mixed races play together no one succeeded until Brooklyn Dodger's general manager Branch Rickey tried his "great experiment". Rickey wanted a man who would restrain himself from responding to the ugliness of racial hatred that was likely to come. In 1945, Baseball changed forever when Rickey and Robinson of the Negro League's Kansas City Monarchs agreed to a contract that would bring Robinson into the major leagues in 1947. Rickey also selected Robinson to be the first Africa-American to play in the baseball majors.

How did Jackie Robinson become a major league baseball player?

He was selected off of a list by Branch RickeyInterviewed by Branch RickeyOn April 15,1945; signed a contract with Branch Rickey officially making him a MLB player. (The first black one too)I hope that helps! :)

Who broke baseball's color barrier?

Jackie Robinson, of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was the first black ballplayer in modern major league baseball. Branch Rickey signed him to a minor league contract, and then brought him up to the parent club in 1947.

What baseball player and civil rights hero was born January 31 1919?

Jackie RobinsonHe was the first black television analyst in Major League Baseball, ... Robinson was bornon January 31, 1919, into a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, ..... On the same day, with representatives of the Royals and Dodgers present, ...... " Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson: precursors of the civil rights movement". ...

Why did Jackie Robinson play Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson became a baseball player in college, but actually started playing in Montreal before coming to the United States to play. After the end of World War II, Jackie Robinson tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What was Jackie Robinson's first major league team?

Jackie Robinson's first major league team was the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What year and team did Jackie Robinson played for what Major League team and in what year did he start playing for them?

When Jackie Robinson was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers, there was no "draft" in effect in baseball. Robinson had played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the old Negro League in 1945, when he got the attention of Branch Rickey of the Dodgers who signed him and sent him to the Dodgers' farm team in Montreal. After one season at Montreal he was brought up to the Dodgers in 1947 and retired following th 1956 season, playing his entire Major League career with the Dodgers.

What Is Jackie Robinson Known Best For?

Jackie Robinson is best known for breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

Who signed Jackie Robinson in baseball?

Jackie Robinson's first year in professional ball was 1946 when he played for the Montreal Royals, the Brooklyn Dodgers Triple-A minor league team. He played one year for Montreal and then played for the Dodgers between 1947-1956. He retired after the 1956 season.