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The same reason why any other sport became a professional sport: because people became very talented at it.

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Q: Why did basketball become a professional sport?
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When did basketball become a professional sport?


What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

When did athletics become professional?

depends on the sport they traced the first professional basketball team back to the 1870s or so

Which sport did Antonio Gates play in high school and almost become a professional in?


What sport do the Memphis Grizzlies play?

The Memphis Grizzlies are in the business of Professional Basketball and they play the sport of Basketball. They are a Professional Basketball Team that are part of the Memphis Sport Leagues and home court is in Nashville, Tennessee.

How did basketball become an American sport?

Basketball was invented in America by a P.E. teacher to begin with. Many people loved the new game he invented, and it started spreading rapidly. Eventually, the sport was made into a professional sport, the NBA, and caught on quickly.

When did athletics become a professional sport?

Athletics is not a professional sport

When did NBA become an Olympic sport?

The NBA is not an Olympic sport. Basketball is the sport but NBA players were allowed to play starting at the 1992. Prior to that NBA professional players were banned from competing and only amateurs could play in the Olympics.

What professional sport implemented the salary cap first?

I think it was basketball.

In which sport is Andrew Gaze a champion?

hes a professional basketball player.

Is Laker's is an college sport team?

Are the lakers a professional basketball team

What are some professional areas related to basketball?

Some professions that involve basketball are.. You could become a professional player(that is very very hard to do) you could become a coach for a team, of you could become a basketball trainer. There are also many other professions in basketball you could have.

When did basketball become a major sport?

on january18,1896 when the first game of basketball was played

How do you become a professional soccer player?

Practicing the sport

When did canoeing become a professional sport?

canoeing, seriously, it may be professional but it is not a sport.

Hakeem Olajuwon is an athlete in which sport?

Hakeem Olajuwon was a professional basketball player.

What professional sport does the Yukon play?

judo,ice hockey & basketball

In which sport do the Adelaide 36ers compete?

They are an Australian men's professional basketball team

Degree you need to play basketball?

No degree is needed to play basketball or become a professional basketball player.

Is basketball for boys?

Basketball is for anyone. There is a professional basketball league for both men and women, so the sport isn't geared towards a specific gender.

Which sport is the Brisbane Bullets a team?

The Brisbane Bullets played professional basketball. They were part of the Australian National Basketball League.

What year did basketball become an american sport?


When did wheelchair basketball become a paralympic sport?


What specific task is involved in being a professional basketball player?

If you are a professional basketball player, you need to be able to play the sport extremely well. You also need to be a team player.

When did skateboarding become a professional sport?

=Skateboarding became a professional sport in the late 1960's==Hope this helps you =p=