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They made small sacrifices in honor of a god.

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Q: Why did athletes make small sacrifices aside from participating in the olympic games?
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How has Passover change?

Since there is no Temple the Jews can't bring sacrifices, so those don't exist, but aside from that it is basically the same.

What happened during the Olympic Games in Greece?

someone answer this question. im just kidding during the olympic games politalcal corruption was set aside

Aside from the athletes name someone who sports fans complain about?

Referee/umpire, coach, other team's fans, announcers, team owner

Do you think the country that has the most medals in the Olympics is the winner is this fair?

No, I don't think there should be a 'winning country' in the Olympic Games. The beauty of the Olympics is not the winning but the participating and viewing. The beauty of the Olympics is seeing countries put aside their political differences to compete in friendly sporting events. The beauty of the Olympics is seeing some athlete from some small country who has very little chance of winning a medal give their absolute best in competition. The winners are all of us, including the athletes, who every four years get to participate in and view a spectacle whose roots are based on friendship and unity.

Is curling an Olympic event?

yes it all about speed. also u have to make the thing to go faster by sweeping the snow aside.

How do you know a skateboarding sponsor is fake?

Does the rider wear this brand? Have you heard of the brand before? Have you seen it on the skateboard or being used aside from just a sticker? Most athletes that are sponsored wear the brand to show the support for the company they are representing.

Does Barry have Secret Service spying on Michelle during her stay in the US's Olympic village headquarters?

I have no idea where this and related rumors got started, but there is no truth to any of them. "Barry" (I assume you mean President Obama) entrusted the First Lady (Michelle Obama) with representing the U.S. in London at the Olympics. Rumors aside, there is no evidence at all that Mrs. Obama is doing anything other than being a representative of the United States and cheering on our athletes. First Ladies often do these sorts of things, in their ceremonial role as unofficial ambassadors for our country.

How is Puerto Rico able to participate as an individual country even though they are a Commonwealth of the United States?

Aside from any poliical issues, both Puerto Rico and Guam have National Olympic Committees and are therefore formally invited to to participate in the Olympic games. It doesn't actually matter if they are classified as a "Commonwealth associated with the United States". As long as they have and hold formal IOC recognition they can send competitors. Puerto Ricans are US citizens (with no US voting rights), but are instead self governing since 1952. Puerto Rico has been participating in the Olympics since 1948 in London. Puerto Rico even sent a very small delegation to the 1980 Olympics in Moscow despite US boycott.

How can you put the word aside in a sentence?

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A sentence with aside with context clues?

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How did the Olympics begin and why?

Olympics were started in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. These were annual games organized between athletes of city states and Greek state. During the days of games even warring states and tribes set aside their feuds for the duration of games and participated whole heartedly.