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Q: Why did armed gunmen enter the Israeli team's base in the Olympic village?
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Why were togo soccer banned?

Togo was banned after they withdrew from the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations after the team bus was attacked my armed gunmen.

What role did Yasser Arafat play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

He organised armed opposition to Israel following the success of Israeli arms in 1967.

Can Arabs serve in the Israeli armed serves?

Yes, Israeli Arabs can served in the Israeli armed services. However, they are not required to do so, it's on a voluntary basis. Israeli Arab minorities like the Druze and the Circassians do have mandatory male service in the Israeli army. The Bedouins serve voluntarily, but have a relatively high service rate. It is ethnic Palestinians, especially ethnic Muslim Palestinians, who often do not serve in the Israeli Army. Many of them, especially in the older generation, see service in the Israeli Army as a betrayal of their ethnic Palestinian nature.

What has the author Riad Ashkar written?

Riad Ashkar has written: 'Weapons and equipment of the Israeli armed forces'

What has the author Avraham Adan written?

Avraham Adan has written: 'On the banks of the Suez' -- subject(s): Israel-Arab War, 1973, Biography, Generals, Personal narratives, Israeli, Armed Forces, Israeli Personal narratives

What is the name of the 1988 nbc made for tv movie based on the April 11 1986 shootout between eight fbi agents and two heavily armed and well trained gunmen?

In The Line of Duty...The FBI Murders

Is Steve Backshall ex armed forces?

No he is not. In his own words when he completed part of the Israeli special forces selection, he states he was never part of the military.

What country is Ghajar City located in?

According to UN Maps, Ghajar is half in Israel and half in Lebanon. However, since the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War, the Ghajar in its entirety has been under Israeli military control. There was a UN-brokered deal in 2007 between the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) for the Israelis to pull back to the UN recognized border, however the LAF backed out of the deal before it was implemented due to pressure from Iranian-backed terror group, Hezbollah. The majority of residents although, Alawite Muslims, hold Israeli citizenship and would like for the village to remain under Israeli control. However, when the village council attempted to fence off its northern and western border off to Lebanon, villagers were threatened by Hezbollah and the building of the fence was immediately halted. Until further notice Ghajar and its residents remain in a closed military zone.

How does the Israeli government explain its actions in the Turkish flotilla incident near Gaza?

Israel claims that it is in a state of war and that the articles of war allowed it to board vessels in international waters. It also stated that because the Palestinians do not presently have an independent homeland, the articles of war provide no protection for them or their supporters. They acknowledged that the flotilla carried only humanitarian aid and offerred to transfer it to Gaza if the ships went to an Israeli port. However the Israelis have a policy of prohibiting entry for many of the essential supplies on the ships, particularly construction materials such as cement. At first the Israeli information was that the soldiers had to use lethal force because some Israeli soldiers had been shot and that guns had been found on board. Then, the guns were not found on board, but had been taken from the soldiers themselves. Then, claims that any soldiers had been shot were withdrawn. Israel claimed that the activists were armed with grenades, which were thrown at the Israeli soldiers. Later, it was revealed that some activists, wearing asbestos gloves, had thrown canisters back at the Israeli commandoes. Initial claims were that the activists were armed with knives and inflicted grievous wounds on the attacking soldiers. Subsequently, some images of soldiers showed that they had been beaten severely.

What country was defeated by Iraq Palestine and Transjordan?

No country was defeated by an alliance of these three countries. Conversely, Israel defeated Palestinian militias, the Jordanian Army, and the Iraqi Army among other armed forces in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9.

When was The Armed created?

The Armed was created in 2009.

What is the suffix of armed?

The suffix of "armed" is "-ed."