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Because Lyn-z Adams Hawkins is AWESOME. Jolene is coo, but Lyn-z is on a completely other level...

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Q: Why did Travis Pastrana marry Lin z Adams Hawkins instead of Jolene?
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Is travis pastrana dating jolene?

yes jolene and travis pastrana, just tied the knot last weekend in aucopoco japan. coming from my sources..brian windhorst and bob ley

Is Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins dating travis pastrana?


What city does travis pastrana live in?

It is not known exactly which city that Travis Pastrana lives in. He was raised in Annapolis, Maryland, and is married to Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins.

Is Travis Pastrana dating someone?

Travis Pastrana is not dating anyone because is currently married. As of September 2014, he is married to Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana. The couple have one child together.

Is jolene van vugt and travis pastrana dating?

No, Travis Pastrana proposed to longtime girlfriend, skater Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, at the Nitro Circus Live tour in Las Vegas Nevada on June 4th 2011, and the two got married on October 29th 2011 in California near Lyn-z's home.

What actors and actresses appeared in Thrillbillies - 2007?

The cast of Thrillbillies - 2007 includes: Travis Pastrana Jolene Van Vugt as herself

Is Travis pastrana engaged?

No, Travis Pastrana is not engaged!!

Who is Travis Pastrana's parents?

Travis pastranas parents names are Robert and Debbie pastrana

Is Jolene Van Vugt dating Travis Pastrana?

"No, there just friends." Someone said that they are dating as a previous answer, but that is wrong. In fact, Jolene is dating someone named Ryan - it says it on her Myspace page and has several pictures of them together. She is good friends with Travis but that is all they are.

What is travis pastrana's mom's name?

Travis Pastrana's mother is called Debby Pastrana.

What actors and actresses appeared in On Pace with Pastrana - 2012?

The cast of On Pace with Pastrana - 2012 includes: Rob Dyrdek Florida Georgia Line Tarah Gieger Robbie Maddison Steven McCann Travis Pastrana Ryan Sheckler Jolene Van Vugt

What is Travis Pastrana's favorite color?

Travis Pastrana's favorite color is Orange :)