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Q: Why did Texans not adhere to the drop a crop law?
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What was the purpose of Louisiana GovernorLong's drop-a-crop law?

the drop the crop was the farmers lemit of crops the had to make

Why did the decree of April 6 1830 anger many Texans and objected to the law?

Many Texans settled in parts of Texas and left their families to come later on after they start there crops and house. but when the law of April 6, 1830 was written it claimed that no more people could come into Texas. and if you went out and tried to come back in, they would not let you. this made the Texans mad because they were isolated from there families.

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Texans who could not produce acceptable IDs, such as a state issued drivers license or ID card, were denied the right to vote. This was in accordance with the Voter ID law.

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What was the purpose of Louisiana governor longs drop-a-crop law?

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R. Conrad Doenges has written: 'Consumer credit education for Texans' -- subject(s): Consumer credit, Law and legislation, Security (Law)

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