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The shortage of supplies and food and the trouble of their own country which lead to the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Russia started having a civil war and Russia couldn't take any more loss as it was.

More in depth, Russa was having a revolution to overthrow the Tzar, who was keeping Russia in the war, though they were losing many men. And morale was very very low. So people were desperate for someone new to rule the country. So Lenin, the communist came in and promised Peace, Land, and Bread. Peace meaning, withdrawal from the war. (which everyone wanted). And by bread he meant... bascially to earn when you work. Implemented a minimum wage, maximum work hours.

Russia withdrew because they had their own problems to worry about, and were in no shape to get dealing wiht the rest of the word

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Q: Why did Russia withdraw from World War 1?
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When Did Russia Withdraw From World War 1?

in 1917 russia withdrew from the war specifically December 1917

What did russia surrender in world war 1?

Russia had to withdraw from the war due to the communist revolution in Russia led by Vladimir Lenin.

Who was the leader of russia after the withdraw from world war 1?

Vladimir Ilych (VI) Lenin (Ulyanov).

Why did Russia withdraw out of World War 1?

'Cause the Russia REvolution started and Lenin(the winner) wanted to build up the contry, and he could'n do that while he was in war.

What condition in russia led to them withdrawing from World War 2?

Russia didn't withdraw from World War 2. They were in the fight until it was over. In World War 1, Russia broke into a civil war, referred to as the Russian Revolution, causing the Communists to take over Russia, creating the Soviet Union.

How did Russia's decision to withdraw from World War 1 result?

losing control over significant amount of territory apex

What caused Russia to withdraw from World War 1?

The Communists who recently took over Russia didn't want to have to worry about a war while they change the country so they signed the Treaty of Brest Litovsky and it let Russia drop ou of the war.

Why did russia withdraw from the war in World War 1?

The Russian people were not happy with the war. It was killing off hundreds a day and the money that was paying for it could have been going to help them.

When did Russia join World War I?

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

When did Australia withdraw from World War 1?

Because the numbers were not there

What was Russia's war debt after world war 1?

World War 1 left Russia's economy in complete devastation. By the end of the war Russia had 8,000,000,000 rubles of debt.

When did Russia withdraw from World War 1 and why?

because the bolshevik revolution ousted to czar from power, and the new government didnt believe russia needed to be involved in the war. That and the were ill equipped, ill prepared, and suffering mass casualties

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