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Ohio State played 14 games in 2002 due to the fact that they made it to the BCS Championship Game, and played one more game than some other teams did. Their record has been matched twice since.

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Q: Why did Ohio state play 14 games in 2002?
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Is there a rule that says Ohio State must play in-state games in football?

No, there isn't, but there is a tradition at Ohio State to play one or more football teams from Ohio each year.

What is a song by the McCoys that they play Ohio state football games?

Hang On Sloopy, a classic written by the mccoys in Ohio.

Who did Ohio state play in 2002 for championship?

IT depends on which one but the most recent was Florida and Ohio state lost 42-17

Which football teams play their home games in the state of Ohio?

The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who do the Ohio State Buckeyes play in their next three home games?

Michigan Wisconsin and Illinois

What sports teams play home games in cities in Ohio the Cleveland Indians Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Cincinnati Bengals?

The Cleveland Indians (MLB) and the Cincinnatti Bengals (NFL) play homes games in the state of Ohio. The Indians play in Cleveland, Ohio and the Bengals play in Cincinnatti, Ohio. The Chicago Bears play their home games in Chicago, Illinois and the Detroit play their home games in Detroit, Michigan.

Who did Ohio state play in the 2008 national championship?

Ohio state didn't play in the national championship! Oklahoma and Florida did

Is there any other team in Division 1 football besides Ohio State that have won fourteen games in a season?

Actually the game against SDSU was not moved from the 2001 season to the 2002; however, the game was moved to a later date that year that was a bye-week for both teams. The reason for Ohio State having 14 wins that year is due to the Kickoff Classic, the 12 regular season games, and the Fiesta Bowl. The rules back in 2002 only allowed a team to play 12 regular season games; however, if you were invited to a "preseason" contest then you could play a 13th game before the bowl game. The "preseason" game does count in your W-L record. Ohio State won all 14 games.

What song do they play before every kickoff at the Ohio state football games?

Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

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