Why did North and South Korea form?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Because during World War II Russia and the U.S chose what to do!

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Q: Why did North and South Korea form?
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What is the difference between North Korea and South Korea economies?

North Korea's economic system is restricted due to it's communist form of government. South Korea's economic performance has no restrictions.

Is the form of government practiced by South Korea communist?

NO. It is North Korea that is Communist. South Korea is a capitalist, liberal democracy.

Is Korea a form of democracy?

No, Korea is a country. In fact it is two countries, North Korea and South Korea.

Whats the suitable form of government if north South Korea reunified?

What kind of goverment does South Korea have ?

In East Asia what two independent countries are located on a peninsula?

the Korean peninsula: includes both south and north Korea

What country lies directly east of South Korea?

Japan, China, and Korea is divided into North and South Korea, as I'm Korean! AZN Pride to all Asian people!

The governmants of North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea- Communist South Korea- Presidental

What are the countries north of the Philippines?

north and South Korea

Who is communist north Korea or south Korea?

North Korea is communist South Korea is capitalist

What to countries form a peninsula surrounded by the sea of japan and the yellow sea?

The eastern Asian countries that occupy the Choson Peninsula between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan are North Korea and South Korea. It is better known in the west as the Korean Peninsula.

What is South Korea north of?

North Korea.... -_-

On which continent are North Korea and South Korea located?

Korea, both North Korea and South Korea, are a part of Asia.