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I was not and he did not.

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Q: Why did Nomar garciapara throw you a ball when you were in the crowd?
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How does the ball get put back in play when it goes out one of the sides in soccer?

Depending on where the ball actually went, the player who will take the throw/kick in can physically get the ball himself. However, if the ball has gone into the crowd or is far away from the person taking the throw/kick a sideline official will toss a spare ball to the player. There are occasions where two officials will toss a ball onto the field, in which case the referee designates which ball is the ball in play and someone will remove the extra.

Which Red Sox players played college ball together?

Jason Varitek and Nomar Garciparra

Can you keep a tennis ball that goes into the crowd at a professional match?

No. You need to throw it back because the match relies on the 6 balls in play. This makes it even all matches.

How to play throw ball?

take a ball in ur hand ,lift it,and throw it

Can there be a held ball on a throw in?

The player has 10 seconds to throw the ball in. After that it is a turnover

What do you do with a Nerf ball?

You can throw the ball in the air and catch it. If you have a net with your Nerf ball then you can throw the ball into the net. You can also pass the ball to another person and play catch.

What bones are used when you throw in the ball in soccer?

you really never THROW the ball in soccer...

In the Hammer Throw what is the ball made from?

The ball used in hammer throw is made of steel.

What is the difference between throw me the ball and throw the ball to me?

nothing they mean the same thing

What is the easiest way to capture Cresselia without a master ball?

throw a master ball throw a master ball (i dont have a master ball) from tanman07

Not to hit as in Don't the ball?

its miss

How to juggle?

2 balls in dominant hand. 1 in other. throw one ball up from dominant hand. while ball is at top crest, throw ball in non dominant hand. when ball is at crest, throw ball in dominant hand. repeat

What is a wild throw by a pitcher?

A wild throw is usually when the ball is no where near where the catcher called for the ball to be.

Does the pitcher have to throw the ball to a base on a pickoff move?

He cannot throw to teammate that is not near a base, but he does not have to throw the ball to second or third, if a teammate is not there.

What is the value of a nomar garciaparra autographed ball?

$0.0 dude is the worst Baseball player ever....even his girlfriend call him shortstop....

What is scratch-throw?

it is a scratch throw when you throw the ball it will go straght

Do goalies always throw and kick the ball?

No. There is no rule for how the goalie should kick or throw the ball. It all depends on where it is throwing. Goalies sometimes only throw the ball at their teammates instead of kicking it.

What part of speech is the word flythe crowd cheered when gracie caught the fly ball?


What techniques are there in basketball?

First you throw the ball to one of your team-mates that are open. If they pass you the ball don't be afraid of the ball. If your near the hoop throw the ball into the hoop.

Why do a throw in in soccer?

If you do a throw in, it is because the soccer ball has gone out side of the boundary lines. When you throw the ball in it should give your team an advantage if you do get the ball from the throw in. If the other team wins the thrown you may have to fight to get the ball back what will take some time. the hole over all point is to get the ball closer to the goal you are trying to score on.

When you throw a ball do you experience an impulse?

Yes, when you throw a ball, you do experience an impulse. This is because you use force to exchange kinetic energy with the ball.

Why is your arm a catapult when you throw a ball?

because your arm is the one that's throwing the ball you are the on who controlls your are and that's why your arm is a catapult when you throw the ball

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you?

You must throw the ball upward because of gravity, you have gravity forcing the ball downward as you push the ball with force upward, and as they say what goes up must come down, which in the end results to the ball coming down towards you.

What are the sports equipments of throw-ball?

A ball

Why does a tennis ball go far if you throw it?

When you throw the tennis ball, it flies for a distance before dropping down because when you throw the tennis ball, you use force, which is transferred to the tennis ball, which then converts to kinetic energy (movement energy), to allow the tennis ball to go far.