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Q: Why did Nathan have to stop playing basketball on One Tree Hill series 4?
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What episode of One Tree Hill does Nathan and Haley camp out in an old house?

it's sometime in season 6 when Nathan is playing basketball again but i can't remember which episode exactly. Sorry.

What sport do Nathan and Lucas excel at on TV's One Tree Hill?


What do grant hill do in basketball that was so important?

He do the basketball playing. He do the dribble, he do the pass, he do the shoot, and he do the defense.

Who is oldest basketball player still playing?

Grant Hill is by now

In One Tree Hill why doesnt lukas play basketball anymore?

He finds out he has a heart condition causing him to have trouble playing basketball

What does the ks on One Tree Hill clothing mean?

KS is on their basketball jerseys because it references Keith Scott; Lucas and Nathan's uncle who died.

Does Nathan die in season 9 of One Tree Hill?

The character of Nathan Scott will be returning in Season seven of one tree hill.

Who is Nathan 's dad in One Tree Hill?

Nathan's dad in one tree hill is Dan Scott

What characters from One Tree Hill does Naley refer to?

"Naley" in reference to the TV series "One Tree Hill" refers to Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott, it is a combination of the two character's first names.

Did madisen hill dumped Nathan kress?


What is the name of the basketball court that the guys in One Tree Hill play at called?

It is known and called the Rivercourt. It is where the guys, Nathan, Lucas, Skills, Mouth and other guys in the show play at.

When was Chris Hill - basketball - born?

Chris Hill - basketball - was born on 1983-02-21.