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refusing to serve in the military

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he claims it was on religious grounds (because he converted to Islam a few years earlier).

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He didn't, he went to prison

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Q: Why did Muhammad Ali reject the draft?
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Why was Muhammad Ali arrested?

Mohammad Ali was arrested on the draft evasion charges.

Was Mohammad Ali considered a draft dodger?

Muhammad Ali did dodge the draft. However, it was for religious beliefs.

What challenges did Muhammad Ali face against the draft?

he faced society

Who is the Famous boxing champion refused the draft and is sentenced to jail?

Muhammad Ali

What did Muhammad Ali do to go against the Vietnam war?

To go against the Vietname War, Muhammad Ali and applied for Conscientious Objector exemption status from the draft, claiming status as a religious minister.

Muhammad Ali how he protested draft?

Refusing to step forward when his name (Cassius Clay the refered to him as) was called.

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