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Four players from that team accepted money from one of the Michigan boosters. This is against NCAA rules and regulations. Michigan forfeited its 1992 national championship, all games for the 1992-93 season, and deleted the players statistics and records from the University's history.

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Q: Why did Michigan university erase the fab 5 statistics?
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College basketball teams that the whole starting lineup made the nba?

University of Michigan's Fab Five University of Illinois's 2004-2005 Team

Who did Ray Jackson play for?

Jackson played basketball for the University of Michigan. He was a strong defender, but was the least known of the Fab Five.

Did all of the fab 5 of Michigan graduate?


Did all the fab 5 from Michigan go pro?

4 out of 5 did

What does Jimmy King from the Fab Five do for a living?

Jimmy does media work for University of Michigan and also works as an assistant high school coach at Orchard Lake St Mary's Prep.

What year was the fab 5 make the ncaa championship?

Michigan's Fab Five never won the championship. In 1992 and 1993 they made it to the championship game.

Is Ray Jackson of the Fab 5 from Michigan related to Randy Jackson of American Idol?

no they are not related.

Which of the Michigan fab five players still plays for the Miami Heat today?

Juwan Howard

Who is the oldest Miami Heat player?

Juwan Howard. Age 38. Went to Michigan, and was part of the Fab 5.

Which team was better unlv rebels 1991-1992 or fab five Michigan 1995?

I think you mean 1990-1991 unlv, the year they lost to duke and 1992-1993 Michigan which was the fab five's sophomore year, anyway to answer your question the UNLV team was the greatest team in college basketball since the UCLA Dynasty..

How many former Michigan Basketball Players have won an NBA Championship?

One Of the fab five have rings. Juwan Howard 2012

What was the Michigan Fab 5's record before sanctions?

25-7 first year 31-5 second year