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Because she started getting old.

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Q: Why did Michelle kwan stop figure skating?
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Why did Michelle kwan stop skating?

nope she is still a star figure skater....

What move do you do to come to a stop in figure skating and skiing?

In skiing, you can do the pie or the hockey stop. In figure skating, you can do the hockey stop, snowplow stop, and the t-stop.

How do you stop in figure skating and skiing?

In figure skating, there are a bunch of ways to stop. The most common ones are the T-stop, and Hockey stop. To do the T-stop, you put your feet like a backwards T (whichever foot is most comfortable for you) and angle your back foot so that you stop. The hockey stop seems somewhat easier; to do this, you must turn your foot (again, whichever is easier) to the side and slightly angle it.

Why some people don't like figure skating?

well there is not much you can say about this question.alot of people like figure skating and ive never met any wone who doent so, i think you shold stop trusting this site and look somewhere else!!!!!

What are the 2 pieces of advice Michelle Kwan might give to other young athletes?

try your best, practice makes perfect, and you never fail until you stop trying

What force is responsible for the slowing down of a figure skater as he slides across the skating rink?

Friction with the air and even on ice will slow the skater down to a stop.

Is ice skating to childish for 14 year olds?

there is no age to stop skating. just enjoy what you do :)Edit: Yes,there is no age group to stop skating. There are many ice skaters that are older, way older, then 14 years of age.

How old when Tony Hawk stop skating?

he still skates

Is figure skating harder than hockey?

There is really no correct answer to this question. It depends on what each person thinks. Figure skating is hard because you've got to be able to twirl and then stop twirling and not get dizzy, and also executing jumps perfectly. In hockey, you have to be able to slam into players and continue on, and focus on a small puck while focusing on keeping it under you control. --- In my experience, figure skaters tend to be able to beat hockey players in races, but hockey is a game in and of itself, which skating is only a part of, however, figure skaters are usually better skaters, but you could be the best skater in the world and still not good at playing on a team, handling a puck, etc.

When coasting while roller skating you eventually stop why?

Friction and gravity.

Is figure skating and ice skating different?

Speed skating is based on skating for speed, not style. Figure skating is the opposite, as it skates for style and not always speed. Speed skating requires: -Lower cut boot, almost like a shoe -Longer blades than artistic skaters -the objective is to go fast, not to impress the judges Figure skating: -based on competing in a number of levels and elements -consists of jumps, spins and footwork -artistry and difficulty are considered when judging -higher cut boot -regular length blade, but with a toe pick and edges

What outdoor skating rinks in Milton are opened march break?

never stop exercising