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Apparently Michael attributes a lot of it to not dealing with the crash and death of a close friend. He finally came to terms with it shortly before his divorce was final, but not in time to save his marriage.

According to the New York Times: "In the middle of the night, he said, he texted his wife, Buffy, and said he now understood how he had sabotaged the marriage by going around frozen like that. They remain friendly, he said, but the divorce will be final any day. Life goes on."

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because she found out he was gay
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She did not like his attitude.

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no idea

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Q: Why did Michael Waltrip and Elizabeth Buffy Franks get divorced?
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As of July 27, 2009, he was still legally married to Elizabeth Waltrip. There is a mortgage document available online which proves this. Michael Waltrip and Elizabeth "Buffy" Franks were divorced in 2010.

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