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beacuase of the influence of his sisters

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Q: Why did Michael Phelps started swimming?
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What was Michael Phelps opinion on swimming when he first started?

He hated it, i think...

How was Michael Phelps discovered?

Michael Phelps was discovered by his great spead in swimming.

What does Michael Phelps likes?

what does Michael Phelps like? Of course he likes swimming because he's a swimming champ!

What are Michael Phelps interests?

obviously swimming?

Michael Phelps careers?


Why Michael Phelps chose swimming?

Actully Bob Bowman chose swimming for Michael.

What sport is Michael Phelps famous for?

He loooooooves tp swim and listen to his I-Pod.Every one knows that!

What events does Michael Phelps play in?


What category of swimming does Michael Phelps do?


What sport did Michael Phelps participate in?


What is a swimming mammal?

a platypus michael phelps!

Who is a famous swimming athlete?

Michael phelps