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After Jordan retired the first time to pursue a career in professional Baseball, the Chicago Bulls retired his #23 jersey. When Jordan returned to the NBA in the 1994-95 season he wore #45, the number he'd worn as a member of the Birmingham Barons, and the number his older brother had worn in high school (Jordan had wore the 23 because it was roughly half the number of his brother). After a conference loss to the Orlando Magic, Jordan purchased his trademark #23 back from the Bulls, and by the 1995-96 season, the trademark #23 was back.

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Q: Why did Michael Jordan wear number 45?
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What number did Michael Jordan wear for baseball?


Why did Michael Jordan wear 45 after retirement?

Michael Jordan had always wanted to wear #45 because it was his brother Larry's favorite number, and he idolized him.

What was Michael Jordan's baseball number?

his number was 45

What was Michael Jordan's second number?


Who is number 45 in the nba?

Michael Jordan

Why does Michael Jordan wear 23?

because his brother wore 45 and the number 23 was almost half his brothers number

What NBA players wear the number 45?

Rasual Butler Steven Hunter DeJuan Blair

Why did Michael Jordan pick the number 23 for his signature number?

His brother wore the # 45 and Jordan thought that 23 was half of 45

What two numbers did Michael Jordan wear in his NBA career?

23 and 45

What number was Michael Jordan when he played for the White Sox?


What number did Michael Jordan have when he played for the bulls?

23 and 45

What is the number of Jordan's jersey?

Michael Jordan played with the jersey numbers 23 and 45.

What jersey number did micahel jordan wear in Washington?


How many games did Jordan wear number 45?


What was Michael Jordan number in baseball?

His number was 45 He played for the white sox

How many NBA games did Jordan wear number 45?


Why is Michael Jordan's number 23?

Michael Jordan is number 23 because he wanted 45 but his brother took it so he divided 45 by 2 and that was 22.5 which rounded up to 23 so that is why he is 23.

Is there a player in the nba that wears number 45?

Michael Jordan and A.C. Green

What was Michael Jordans numbers?

Michael Jordan's number was 23, for olympic dream team he was worn 9 and after the retirement he used 45 for quite some time..

What three numbers did Michael Jordan wear while playing for the Chicago Bulls?

23, 45 and 12

What different numbers did Michael Jordan wear?

45 and 23 I'm pretty sure. Balls Mahoney.

What three numbers did Michael Jordan wear in his professional career?

12 one time, 23 and 45

What no did Michael jordan have?

23 and 45

Why did Michael Jordan choose twenty-three to wear as his signature number?

Because that's the number he wanted. Jordan wanted to prove he was at least half as good as his brother Larry, who wore #45 in high school, and continuously beat Michael in one on one as children.

Michael Jordan was what number when he played for the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan was #23 with the Bulls.